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Atomic Robo is an American comic series that started its run in 2007. The series was created by writer Brian Clevinger and artist Scott Wegener. It stars the eponymous Atomic Robo, a sentient robot made and tutored by Nikola Tesla, and his adventures throughout the centuries. In 2015, the series became a webcomic and its issues are now available at Note that this wiki is not affiliated with the comic's creators.

  • Go to Vol 1 - Atomic Robo and the Fightin' Scientists of Tesladyne
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  • Go to Vol 3 - Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time
  • Go to Vol 4 - Atomic Robo and Other Strangeness
  • Go to Vol 5 - Atomic Robo and the Deadly Art of Science

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Welcome to the wiki about ATOMIC ROBO that anyone can edit. Atomic Robo is a comic book series that began in October 2007. It is written by Brian Clevinger with art by Scott Wegener, and published by Red 5 Comics.

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