Dr. Dinosaur

Real Name
Current Alias
Dr. Dinosaur

Dr. Dinosaur, Lord Raptor


Avatabar Rock Men Tribe (Temporary)


Base Of Operations
Abandoned military base (temporary)




Unusual Features
He can talk. He's also insane, but childish as well.

None None

Scientist, Dinosaur, Rockmen Tribe Leader (temporary)


Supposedly time travel by crystals

Place of Birth

Place of Death


Quote1 "I am a genius. By definition all of my plans are brilliant!" Quote2
-- Doctor Dinosaur, AR Vol. 4, Issue 3

Dr. Dinosaur is a supergenius dromaeosaur with an unlimited hatred of all mammalkind, and one of Atomic Robo's more active advesaries in the modern era. He believes himself to be a time-traveling super-genius attempting to prevent events that occurred on September 19, 2008 that destroyed his world. He first encountered Atomic Robo in 1999 on Taravai Island in French Polynesia, where he attempted to cut Robo's head off with a buzzsaw, but Robo escaped and destroyed his base. About a decade later, he attempted to control a dinosaur with modern weapons, the Futuresaurus Rex, to destroy Robo, but ended up having to help destroy it. The following year, he attempted to steal the science project of a 4th grader,Emma Armstrong, called the Telluric Interchanger. He managed to escape in Robo's van, albeit ramming through a building's wall in the process.

Two years later, Dr. Dinosaur built a "time bomb" using nukes, and started ruling an army of rock-people. After Robo and company fell into a large hole, they were immediately captured by Dr. Dinosaur and his rock-men army. After tricking and then punching Dr. Dinosaur, Robo and the others managed to escape to a nearby building, where they were then attacked by a giant rock monster. Robo got the others to safety, and continued to battle the monster. Meanwhile, the others were entrusted by the natives (more rock people) to lead their own army of rock men, to combat Dr. Dinosaur's. After a brief fight involving the 2 armies, the giant rock monster, another one, and Robo, Dr. Dinosaur activated the "time bomb". After a brief fight with Robo, the whole underground area started to cave-in, and a giant magma worm came up above the mountain, its head in the sky, with Robo, the time bomb, and Dr. Dinosaur on it. While Dr. Dinosaur flew away on another dinosaur, Robo intercepted the bomb, which sent him to a barren rockland... in Indian territory, circa 1870.

Powers and Abilities


He.. can talk?


He knows his tech (relatively speaking). He also seemingly successfully built a "time bomb".

Strength level

He is a dinosaur.


He gets tricked easily/ he's a moron


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: Pterodactyl, Van,
Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Grenades, Avatabar Sword


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Most of his appearances have been in FCBD's so far, except for The Savage Sword of Dr. Dinosaur(Vol.8), and one of the first issues of Real Science Adventures.

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