Atomic Robo: Last Stop

Atomic Robo: Last Stop
Film Details
Joseph W. Krzemienski

Brian Clevinger

Virtual Boy


Joseph Krzemienski

Running Time
Approximately 12 minutes.

Release Date
Spring 2013

Previous Film


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Action Scientist, Jenkins
  • Action Scientist, Lang


Other Characters:


  • Abandoned Soviet Weapons Depot, Kahzahkstan




"Atomic Robo: Last Stop" is an animated short which has recently completed production and is awaiting release by the independent animation studio, the Fictory. The first draft of the script was written by Robo co-creater Brian Clevinger. "Robo" is dropped from the Tesladyne cargo plane onto an abandoned Soviet weapons depot in response to an "anomaly." It is none other than Helsingard, one of Atomic Robo's many nemeses, bent on destroying Robo yet again. Helsingard's machine is destroyed after Jenkins destroys its left arm.


Cory Edwards

Voice of Atomic Robo

Brianna Kozior

Voice of Lang

Dennis John Cahill

Voice of Baron Von Helsingard

Jeff McComsey

Voice of Radar Operator

Shawn Williams

Team Leader


  • The first teaser trailer was released on August 25, 2010.
  • A "beta" version of the film was released on July 11, 2013.
  • The final film was publicly shown at the the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design on February 6, 2015.[1][2], however it has not appeared online.
  • The film is not canon. [3]


  • The voice of the Co-Pilot and one of the animators on the film, Jeff McComsey is actually a writer and illustrator himself producing the Graphic Novel series, FUBAR.
  • Almost half of the budget of the film was made up of donations by Atomic Robo fans via popular crowd-funding site Kickstarter.
    • Some Kickstarter "backers" have expressed frustration at the sparse communication between the reward team and their investors.
  • There is also an indie mobile game called Atomic Robo: Violent Science that has ties to the film.

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Atomic Robo Last Stop Teaser

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